Five Ways to Increase Your Happiness

Increase Your Happiness…

Are you ever feeling like your mind is against you? Your negative thoughts can often take control and keep you from experiencing happiness and positivity. These five tips will help you improve your outlook and your quality of life.

1) Keep track of 3 things every day

Psychologists discovered that gratitude journaling can improve your happiness. This is a wonderful practice that forces you to focus on what truly matters in your life and not fixate on everything else. Instead of complaining about how unhappy I am because my car was broken into, think instead that I feel so blessed to live in such beautiful countries or have such a great weekend with my friends. You can be happier by adding positivity to your day. Writing down positive thoughts will help you remember them.

2) Keep a good posture

You will feel more negative emotions if you are hunched over for long periods of time, such as sadness and depression. Good posture can improve your body language. Standing straight can make you feel confident and proud, which will in turn encourage positive ideas. Take a break if you feel down. Remind yourself of what it means to stand tall, not just emotionally but physically. Do you sit at a desk all day? Regular breaks are important to allow you to move around and get out of your chair. You’ll be less worried about your posture when you go for a walk outside or on the treadmill at your gym. Bonus points: Stretch your fingers before you begin typing.

Do Something New

When you feel down, happiness might seem impossible to achieve. Giving yourself space and time can change your outlook, even if it means learning something new. You can take a class in something you are passionate about or volunteer with someone you care about at an organization that you love. Positive activities can improve your mood and give you reasons to smile. Your brain will also benefit from it. So get moving and enjoy some me-time. Talking to someone close can help you get perspective.

4) Make Time for You to Increase Your Happiness

Your overall well-being may be affected if you take time to pamper yourself. You can ensure that you don’t spend too much time doing something you love each day. You can take a short break to read, meditate, or listen to music each day to give your body and mind some rest. This will help you get ready for the next day. What should it look like? There are no rules. Do what makes you happy!

5) Surround yourself with positive people

Research shows that being around happy people makes you happier. Spend more time with friends. Don’t be a people pleaser. If they are negative, remember that you have the right to choose who you spend your time with. Every day, read at least one positive magazine or book. Even though you might not be in a good mood all the time, reading something positive can make a big difference in your mood. It will also remind you of the positive things in your life and increase your happiness.

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